Finch bab! Right after his first flight.

he, the Son, have GAIN the PIOLET LICENSE.  Going us throw the PARTY and now he can FLY us to a BAHAMA

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Outside the lab, Piff found that the rich donated a smaller percentage of their wealth than poorer people. In 2011, the wealthiest Americans, those with earnings in the top 20%, contributed 1.3% of their income to charity, while those in the bottom 20% donated 3.2% of their income. The trend to meanness was worst in plush suburbs where everyone had a high income, and never laid eyes on a poor person. Insulation from people in need, Piff concluded, dampened charitable impulses. Poorer people were also more likely to give to those charities servicing the genuinely needy. The rich gave to high-status institutions such as already well-endowed art galleries, museums and universities, while Feeding America, which deals with the nation’s poorest, got nothing.



honduran white tent bats roosting under a heliconia leaf, which they sever down the length of the leaf’s midrib, thus causing its two sides to droop down under the weight and create a ‘tent’ that provides a waterproof shelter and protection from potential predators. 

photos by (click pic) konrad wothekenji nishida, jenny theobald, leyotobias gerlach, outofsomewherewanja krahalex figueroamatt bradymichael and patricia fogden

flying pompoms

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Panel with a Pattern of Sunrises, 1920s. Charcoal, gouache and gold paint. Unknown artist. France. Via

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Anonymous asked: What do you think about the assertion that abortion based on disability is a type of eugenics/genocide? Because I've heard some people with Down's syndrome say that, and I don't really want to argue with them. Like if they say it's super ableist, I'm not comfortable (as an able person) telling them that it's not.



I’ve seen a lot of positions on it to be honest, and my answer is how I will always feel about anything concerning abortion, which is it’s your choice, an I don’t think it’s eugenics.

I do feel as though as a society we need to change the attitudes towards disability, and how we help those who have a disability and their families. Because the easier we make it for everyone to function in society, the easier it is for someone to provide a healthy life for their child who might have a disability, if that makes sense, and that’ll make it easier for someone to be able to choose to continue on with their pregnancy and to help keep less disabled children out of foster care.

But I do feel as though it is your choice, and I won’t shame you for that. Because lets be honest, some disabilities or illnesses are emotionally and financially hard and if you know you can’t handle that, you should be able to make the best choice for yourself. If you honestly do not believe that you can provide a good home for them or are uncomfortable with the adoption system pertaining to disabled kids and children of color (sometimes a combo of both) then you have the right to make that choice, because forcing people to produce children when they’re not ready often times harbors abusive environments. Those are my thoughts so you guys can add in if you want -cylina

As an autistic mom of an autistic child, this is a very sensitive issue in the ASD  community. When Autism Speaks promotes “curing” autism, the fact is the majority of their research is for prenatal testing. I think that fact shows how devalued autistics are in our society and how negatively autism is viewed by the majority of Americans.

And sadly, Autism Speaks feeds on that negativity and outright encourages it and makes tons of money doing so.

The fact is, if a prenatal test is developed MANY autistic people will never be born, just as the majority of those with down syndrome are aborted now.

But I think it is too simplistic to blame access to abortion if that does happen. People will abort autistics after positive prenatal testing for many reasons, such as stereotypes in society, ignorance about what exactly autism is and even financial circumstances that lead them to feel they cannot care for a special needs child.

And I don’t believe I have the right to make that choice for any pregnant person, even if I personally believe they are making that choice for the wrong reasons - or that their choice will harm people like myself and my son and our place in society.

Raising a special needs child is difficult for most parents, and better they should recognize they are not equipped to do so while pregnant than years later when they abuse or even murder their autistic child. Which sadly happens far too often.

And parents who have to capacity and finances to have an autistic child but abort because they desire a “perfect child” aren’t likely to deal well with with an autistic child anyway, let’s be honest. There are far too many stories of abusive and insensitive parents in adult autistic communities already. 

I think prenatal testing and society’s views of autism can lead to eugenics - but there is no way to prevent it without specifically outlawing abortion in the case of fetal disease or disability, and that doing so would severely impact the bodily autonomy and rights of pregnant people. Just like trying to prevent gender preferential abortions, trying to prevent these specific types of abortions would be a near impossibility without making all abortion illegal - and wouldn’t correct the base cause of societal discrimination that is the underlying reason for those abortions.

Any other autistics have a different, or similar view?


"Haha! Americans don’t have free healthcare!"

Yeah it’s actually a serious problem people are literally dying can this stop being a silly nationalistic insult?

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eaglestrike replied to your post: feliscorvus replied to your post: Annn…

Would it be possible for you tag mentions of [redacted so I don’t have to tag it]?? Sorry ;A;

I normally do.

Like, 99% of the time I tag that, and lots of other things.

However if you can’t handle that 1% of the…

I am very much the same way. I do try very hard to tag, but cannot totally consistently manage to remember. It is disability related, and definitely not on purpose.

If you need a 100% guarantee that certain things will consistently be tagged, following me may not be the best plan.

Understanding why this can pose problems is, again, not enough to make me more able to do that all the time. I’m not at all pleased about it, but yeah. :/




Tell Senators to vote YES on the Disability Treaty!

Learn what the “Disability Treaty” is and why it matters via this handout:  (The “Disability Treaty” is called the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, CRPD).

Calling your Senators is usually the most powerful way to act. Senators count calls more heavily than they count email messages. If you need a script to guide you through your phone calls, or if you would rather communicate via email or Twitter, visit the Action Center at  

We passed a MAJOR hurdle on July 22 when the CRPD was finally passed out of committee.  This is an accomplishment that the disability community has been working toward for the past 18 months.  Now that the CRPD is out of committee, Senator Reid can choose to schedule a floor vote on the treaty at any time.  If he does this as early as next week, then the next two weeks will be especially crucial.  If he misses next week, then the CRPD would have to wait until after the August Senate recess to be scheduled.  Either way, things may move very quickly from here.  I try to post things to Tumblr when I can, but sometimes there’s so much happening I can’t get to it. Therefore, the best way to make sure you don’t miss future opportunities to take action is to sign up for the CRPD Action Alert mailing list by completing the form at this link:

NEWSFLASH for everyone reading this who is within reasonable distance of Washington DC: There will be a Rally for the Disability Treaty in Washington DC at 12:15 pm on Tuesday, July 29, 2014.  Visit the Disability Treaty Rally Facebook event page to learn more detail, to RSVP, or to help invite those of your Facebook contacts who live in the DC area.  Please make sure that people you know in DC are aware! 

We are in the process of ironing out technical details so that we can (we hope!) put out a live streaming web cast of the rally on Tuesday.  We will post more information about this at the Disability Treaty Rally facebook event page when we are able.

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Well, I could have been waiting a while to go to bed.

I was automatically vaguely listening for my partner’s alarm, since we’re still having problems with the front door, so have been using the back door which only locks from the inside. So I have gotten in the habit of waiting for him to leave in the morning and latching the door after him before I go to sleep. If I’m going to be sacked out for hours, I’m more comfortable having the doors secure. :-|

But, no wonder I kept not hearing that alarm. Because it’s Saturday and not a work day. He is getting up to go gaming, but not for two or three more hours.

Yes, I did also manage to turn up for school on Saturday on two separate occasions…