OK, it’s probably a good thing that Mr. C is taking Tuesday off (for his birthday :-|), besides the bank holiday tomorrow when I’m not sure if the vet’s will be open. Because I think Max needs to go.

He’s obviously still not feeling right, and this time he went and peed on the carpeted living room floor. Yep, he’s at it again tonight. And it occurred to me that maybe he has some kind of urinary infection or something. (ETA: That was also like 2-3 minutes after he came back inside from his last trip out.)

He’s also been drinking a lot, which I assumed had something to do with the upset stomach, but who knows. Not a lot of evidence of tummy problems now, but he’s still acting off and drinking and peeing a lot. (I’m pretty sure they did screen him for diabetes at his checkup, far from rare as it is among older dogs.) But yeah, looks like time for him to see the vet again.

(Sorry I didn’t get around to replying before, ajax-daughter-of-telamon , but thanks. It’s not impossible that just being distressed has been causing this toilet problem. :/)


Just two little piggies, playin around

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Nebraska Fifth Grade 'Turning Bullies into Buddies' Pamphlet Reads... like it was written by fifth grade bullies ›


Bullies must’ve really beefed up their act, because a Nebraska school seems to have been taken over by the eleven to twelve year old illicit lunch money crowd. We imagine they held the administration at Zeman Elementary School with GI Joes and Bratz dolls to their heads and…

Sounds like it was written by the same school administrators who insisted I get sent to a psychologist for my “anger problem” (i.e., persistent self-defense) in second grade. There are way too many people like that who want positions of power over people with very little of it, unfortunately.

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You have to learn to say no without feeling guilty. Setting boundaries is healthy. You need to learn to respect and take care of yourself.

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thats beautiful

This is what all news should be

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I feel educated

Where was this when I was in calculus

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Is it political if I tell you that if we burn coal, you’re going to warm the atmosphere? Or is that a statement of fact that you’ve made political? It’s a scientific statement. The fact that there are elements of society that have made it political, that’s a whole other thing.

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ne-revez-pas asked: Hello, I saw you comment on a post about how missionaries in developing countries are ruining the cultures/societies of their people, and it really intrigued me. You see, I am about to go on a trip to Nairobi this coming June with the organization Me To We. Me To We is not religious and I'm not a religious person. But, while there I will help build a school and learn about Maasai culture. Do you feel that service trips without the intention of converting/teaching people are still alienating?




I am radically against service trips where people go to “build schools” (or other facilities) in a developing countries, and I find them to be incredibly disempowering and paternalistic at their core. It all boils down to stroking the (usually white) egos of the volunteers to make them feel like “good people” and does NO longterm good for the community.

I just wish people thought more critically about international development and saw through the smoke screen of “aid” that many of these “development” organizations put up as part of the white savior industrial complex. Like it just seems so obvious to me that an organization that goes through all of the logistical and human effort needed to bring “volunteers” to build schools in ~*aFriCa*~ has values that are fundamentally not aligned with those of their communities. They do not have the best interest of locals at heart, at all. 

If they cared about the community, they would be building out local capabilities and talents rather than trying to make a quick buck from western volunteers. They wouldn’t be bringing in untrained (usually) white people from the West without any language skills or understanding of local cultural intricacies to a community that is most at need. Rather than siphoning resources toward making white people “feel good” about themselves and aligning their values with white supremacy and white savior-dom, instead they would be working to give that exact same business to local carpenters and construction workers. Or, worst case, they would bring in people using those same dollars to train community members so that they develop these critical skillsets for themselves and their community at large. Why not actually work in solidarity with a community and build together to improve and develop local capabilities in the longterm? Why must we instead center the white gaze and destructive paternalism, which is disempowering and harmful and only has one longterm impact: making the Western volunteers “feel good” about themselves for “saving the Africans”

It makes me sick.

I also think it’s just so indicative of the deepset narcissism that lies in white supremacy and Western global hegemony that somehow we think that we can “build a school” better than people who are actually from that community. You know the ones who intimately know their needs and those of their communities, far better than the volunteers swooping in for 2 weeks to “save” them. How sick is it that we presume that “expanding our global horizons” can come at any cost, including undermining the fabric of a community, breeding dependency, and pulling resources away from actually building out the longterm capabilities of the people in these communities? I discussed these topics at length with someone who worked in international NGOs for 7 years in Africa and who left incredibly jaded because she saw how the values of so many of these organization was focused on “more NGO, now” rather than doing the more important work of creating communities where the presence of NGOs fades progressively with time as these communities are empowered. 

The structure of the white savior industrial complex is one of disempowerment, damage and harm. Participating in it furthers this destruction and hurts these communities in the long run.

The vast majority of these international aid and development NGOs do not have our best interests at heart, and are simply there to make white people (and other Westerners) feel better for the “good deed” they did once in ~the third world~

It’s horrible.

This post is very important, and while it mentions this, it needs to be stressed that in many cases these charity construction projects are harmful to local economies. Many countries which are destitute are destitute because they are labor-rich and capital-poor, often times because local and national political structures horde capital at the top (and no, this is nothing like WIRD countries having income inequality, and the equation of the two is disguising.)

When you come in and build a school for free, what you’re doing is depriving the people’s largest resource, labor, from being able to turn a profit, and thus, you’re preventing poor people from getting work. If you really care about people AND build schools (where they cannot afford to build their own), then organize a community locally and provide the capital to build that school AND THEN MAINTAIN IT, rather than doing it yourself. That way they can tailor their institutions to their needs, provide work for their workers, and you provide a constant source of employment for teachers, education for children, and a healthier economy. There are also movements to help develop local technologies that can then be produced locally to free up the time of women, who usually bear the brunt of time-intensive tasks which pay poorly.


1. These places have their own labour, usually skilled.

2. But if they were unskilled, why would they need some white college/highschool student and/or missionary, who’s not a: carpenter, plumber, electrician, cement/masonry specialist, brick layer or maker, or even straw cob ‘rediscovered’ type - what exactly are you planning to do? Spend your days doing crappy work that would have walls and ceilings fall down, or people electrocuted and then go off and leave that shitty thing standing there - or worse, make them fix it with what limited resources you leave behind?

If you’re not going to share your trade skills, or possible inexpensive - suited to the environment tricks and experience (and for longer than two weeks - at your own expense) then you could just go to the dollar store, pick up some gold star stickers and give yourself one.

3. Also just cause the group you’re with isn’t ‘religious’ DON’T fool yourself that it’s not a mission trip. There is a mission. A mission to say; white people and people from xyz country do it better and people in the country being visited can’t help themselves so much that untrained, unskilled people can come in and SOLVE EVERYTHING. The mission is imperialism and white supremacy - yours just happens to NOT have religion and culture killing in the mix.

First let’s be clear about this.

“Unemployment” does not refer to people too lazy to work or to the losers who have failed to secure an available job.

What unemployment means is that there are no available jobs. It means that X number of people are being denied work. The unemployed are not those who refuse work, or who do not seek work, or even those with poor “job-seeking” skills. The unemployed are that percentage of the population whose right to earn a living is being denied to them. The 7 percent or so unemployment rate we have had in the years following the crisis year of the Great Recession refers to the percentage of the work-force for which no jobs exist to seek, to find or to fill.

This is why the better measure of unemployment is the ratio of job-seekers to job openings. That ratio has not sunk below 3 to 1 since the Great Recession. That means that if in a single miraculous instant, every mismatch of geography, skill-set and pay-scale were met and every job opening were filled at once, then two-thirds of our unemployed would remain unemployed. And at that point there would be no reason for any of them to send out résumés, brush up on their interview skills, or do any of that other victim-blaming make-work we expect them to do, unpaid, until such time as someone deigns to allow them to earn a living again.

I prefer that ratio as a measurement of unemployment because it proves — proves — that all of the moralizing lectures levied at the unemployed are cruel and absurd.

Unemployment is ‘evil,’ the ‘opposite of just’ and ‘a real social disaster’

Everyone must read this.

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This this this.

The way society treats unemployment is like bringing 10 hungry people together, putting out 2 apples and waiting to see what hapens. Then, after the two people fastests/strongest/closest to the apples have eaten, they turn on the other 8 and ask “Why haven’t you eaten?”, “Are you too lazy to eat?”, “Do you enjoy being hungry?”, “I’m sure you could have gotten that apple if you had tried harder”. Conveniently forgetting that there wasn’t enough food made available in the first place.

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reason to not become an adult

  • you can’t use the ‘my mum said i can’t go’ excuse to blow someone off

my mom has invited me over for dinner

my mom needs help with furniture

my mom just got a new phone and needs my help

my mom spoke to me from the grave and told me u need to stop inviting me out

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